CSE Speaker Series – Jorge Hernandez

On Friday, November 18 at 11:00 am in Cramer 221, Mr. Jorge Hernandez from Sandia will give a talk on U.S. Manufacturing and the Impact of Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Worker.

Abstract:  U.S. Manufacturing is on a resurgence in terms of global relevance.  What impact can artificial intelligence and advances in the digital workforce have in helping transform legacy manufacturing processes into innovative, agile, factories of the future?  Considerations include the evolution of the role of factory workers and processes by technologies such as AI, machine learning, and augmented reality, to name a few.  Such advanced are intended to enable a exponential effect on quality, output, speed, and personalization “value-add” to U.S. products.  This brief presentation will provide an overview of the manufacturing scene and potential visions for the future of U.S. Manufacturing, leading to some insights on the opportunities for the discipline of computer science.