CSE Speaker Series – Lyndon Pierson

On Friday, October 28, at 11:00 am in Cramer 221, Mr. Lyndon Pierson will give a talk on Improved Authentication: Authentication without Secrets.



Almost all of our electronic authentication methods today rely on keeping “small secrets” (Pins/Passwords/Keys).  If these small secrets are inadvertently disclosed (or if successfully guessed, exhaustively searched for, or even leaked via side channel attacks), then the adversary has the means to spoof authentic messages or commands to protected systems.  These secrets with which to spoof electronic transactions have become the target of most attacks.   How do we eliminate these targets of exploitation while improving our authentication processes?  This talk will present a bit of background in the current state of the art before delving into Authentication and Access Control which are the fundamental “Primitives” upon which all cybersecurity protections are built.  With this background, the focus will be on how recent advances in Physically Unclonable Functions and Biometrics can fit together with anti-tamper techniques to robustly raise the bar against cyber intrusions by sophisticated adversaries  (and what improvements must yet be made to turn this into reality).