CSE Speaker Series – Dr. Dongwan Shin

On February 10 in Cramer 221 from 11:00-12:00, Dr. Dongwan Shin will discuss Usability Considerations on Some Security Services: Authentication and Access Control


Abstract: Authentication and access control are critical security services for protecting computer systems; the former is to prove to systems who you are, while the latter is to entitle what you can do after successful authentication. A variety of cryptographic protocols, policy mechanisms, and/or techniques have been developed to support those services; and some of them have been successfully adopted and used in many systems and applications, whereas others were eventually discarded. In this talk, I will first discuss the assumption of open world, where a user is not known a priori to the system that she tries to access for using its resources, and then present some of the solutions to support authentication and access control services under the assumption. Lastly, I will discuss my prior and ongoing research problems related to the two important security services, especially in consideration of usability.