CSE Speaker Series – Bob Robey

Bob Robey from LANL is the guest for the Computer Science and Engineering Department Speaker Series. His talk is “Parallel Algorithms for the Exascale Era”. 11 a.m. 9/28/2017, in Cramer 221.

New parallel algorithms are needed to reach the Exascale level of parallelism with millions of cores. We look at some of the research developed by students in projects in LANL. The research blends ideas from the early days of computing while weaving in the fresh approach brought by students new to the field of high performance computing. We look at reproducibility of global sums and why it is important to parallel computing. Next we look at how the concept of hashing has led to the development of more scalable algorithms suitable for next-generation parallel computers. Nearly all of this work has been published in leading scientific journals.

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