CSE Speaker Series – Dr. Raymond Choo

On Friday, November 17 at 11:00 am in Cramer 221, Dr. Raymond Choo of the University of Texas-San Antonio will give a talk on “Data, data, data: Getting to, Making Sense of, and Using or Exploiting Data”.


Abstract: Data is the new currency, and is important in order to ensure economic growth, prosperity, and safety. Securing our data requires the securing of our cyberspace and critical information infrastructure, and is recognized as one of the grand challenges and will continue to be of importance in the foreseeable future. In this seminar, we will discuss ways where vulnerabilities in digital devices, such as 3D printers and mobile devices, can be identified and exploited to exfiltrate data of interest. We will also discuss some potential mitigation and post-event forensic investigation strategies. Future research challenges/opportunities will also be discussed.