Fall 2010 Special Topics Offerings

All CSE 489 courses are cross-listed as IT 489.

CSE 389 Internet and Web Programming with Dr. Dongwan Shin
This course has a practical emphasis on the design and techniques for developing current internet-based applica- tions. It provides an introductory overview of programming and scripting languages for internet-based application development. Topics include HTML, client-side scripting (JavaScript), server-side programming (Servlets and JSP), and XML/web services. This course will also cover some important topics needed for internet-based ap- plication developments, such as basic object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts, Internet architectures, and web security. Course work includes substantial programming homework and a team-based project. Prerequisite: IT221.


CSE 389 Information Protection and Security with Dr. Andrew Sung (cross-listed as IT 263)
Concepts of information, message and data. Storage and transmission, retrieval and communications. Authorized users and penetrators. Threats to information confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability. Attacks. Degrees of security and costs. Protection mechanisms and security precautions. Authentication and authorization. Encryption. Secure operating systems, communications and networks. Defenses against viruses, worms, and hostile code.


CSE 489/589 Virtualization Tech with Drs. Song Fu and Dongwan Shin


CSE 489/589 Network Forensics with Dr. Lorie Liebrock
Students will learn the fundamentals of the theory and practice of network forensics. Topics include: legal issues, context, and digital forensics, networking, state of practice, infrastructures, applications, forensic challenges, attribution, control plane, data plane, and physical plane.


CSE 489/589 Mobile Data Management with Dr. Subhasish Mazumdar


CSE 489/589 Wireless Networks with Dr. Jun Zheng
This course will give an introduction to the fundamental concepts and recent advances in the field of wireless networks. The course will introduce the wireless physical layer, discuss commonly used wireless MAC mechanisms, give the wireless data communication standards, and review a number of more advanced topics.


CSE 489/589 Computer Vision with Dr. James Holten 
Students will be introduced to the concepts of computer vision: what is meant, how it is done, and its current limitations. In-depth exercises will help the student to become familiar with the algorithms that are being used.
Content: Students will be exposed to the details of computer vision. They will cover the following:
1. Image acquisition and manipulation,
2. Basic features in images,
3. Stereo and image sequence processing,
4. Generating models from multiple image views,
5. Feature aggregation for object characterization, and
6. Object identification.