Fall 2012 Special Topics Offerings

All CSE 489 courses are cross-listed as IT 489.

CSE 389 Internet and Web Programming with Dr. Dongwan Shin
This course has a practical emphasis on the design and techniques for developing current internet-based applica- tions. It provides an introductory overview of programming and scripting languages for internet-based application development. Topics include HTML, client-side scripting (JavaScript), server-side programming (Servlets and JSP), and XML/web services. This course will also cover some important topics needed for internet-based ap- plication developments, such as basic object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts, Internet architectures, and web security. Course work includes substantial programming homework and a team-based project. Prerequisite: IT221.


CSE 389 Human Information Processing and Decision Making with Jeffrey Weiss
Recent advances in knowledge about how people process and act upon information are presented. Models of human decision making are analyzed in the context of secure information systems and used to assess ways to best manage the people and technology associated with secure information systems.


CSE 489/589 Introduction to Network Security with Dr. Jun Zheng
This course will give an introduction to network security applications and standards. Topics covered in this course include cryptographic techniques, access control, transport layer security, wireless network security, electronic mail security, IP security, web application security and penetration testing, intrusion detection, malicious software, firewalls, compliance standards etc.


CSE 489/589 Modeling and Simulation of Sensor Networks with Dr. Hamdy Soliman
The class introduces to the sensor networks technology and their advantageous applications, keywords/terminologies, constraints, and challenges on the sensor networks field, in general,  and a special focus on mobile ad-hoc wireless sensor networks in particular. In addition to the MAC protocols (e.g., S-MAC and IEEE 802.15.4-ZigBee), routing protocols at the network layer will be also covered.  The challenging issue of routing over Mobile Ad-hoc Sensor Networks Wireless (MASNET) will be covered, including the latest research in the area of routeless routing protocols. Sensor networks security will be also covered, including node authentication, data confidentiality, and authenticity. There will be two proposed major si/emulation projects for  modeling the deployment and operating performance of sensor networks for the detection of ”forest-fire” and “borders-intrusion“,  students might select one of the above simulation projects for their final class presentation and report. In addition, they will read in the literature any class related research topics,  and present their findings as their midterm presentation exam.


CSE 589 Cryptography and Applications with Dr. Dongwan Shin (also offered as CSE 441)
This course provides an introductory overview of modern cryptographic theory and techniques, mainly focusing on their application into real systems. Topics include number theory, probability and information theory, com- putational complexity, symmetric and asymmetric cryptosystems, one-way functions, block and stream ciphers, Kerberos authentication systems, public key infrastructure (PKI), secure socket layer/transport layer security (SSL/TLS), and cryptographic protocols in many real systems. Course works include homework assignments, two exams, and one final team-based project.


CSE 489/589 Intro to Pattern Recognition and Data Mining with Dr. Andrew Sung
Review of probability and statistics. Linear and nonlinear classification models. Clustering algorithms and distance metrics. Decision trees. Naive Bayes classifier. Representative data mining algorithms. Feature selection. Sample applications. A project is required.