CSE Speaker Series – Jeremy Epstein

On Thursday, August 30, 2018, at 11:00 am in the Fidel Center Ballroom, Dr. Jeremy Epstein will give a talk on “Resilience in Elections”.

Abstract: Elections are a complex cyber-human system that’s of very high value (democracy!), but yet it’s run (largely) by amateurs: pollworkers make up >90% of the people who conduct the election, most work no more than one day per year on the topic, and they are overwhelmingly not technologists.  Nonetheless, elections are surprisingly resilient, the Russian attempted hacking of the 2016 election notwithstanding.  There are resilient and redundant schemes throughout the election enterprise, with high degrees of variability among different jurisdictions.  While each of these is likely vulnerable, the combination and diversity is stronger than might be obvious.  This talk will cover some of the aspects of elections resiliency, and suggest how some lessons might be applied more broadly.

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