Tenure-track and Tenured Faculty

Hamdy Soliman : Professor
Computer Network Security, Wireless/Mobile Security, Sensor Network Security, Neural Networks, Image Compression.
Office: Cramer 211C (inside 214)
Email: hss@cs.nmt.edu
Lorie Liebrock : Professor
Parallel Processing, High Performance Computing, Well Posedness Analysis, Software Security Testing, Graphics and Visualization Information Security.
Office: Cramer 132A
Email: lorie.liebrock@nmt.edu
Clinton Jeffery Clinton Jeffery : Professor and Chair
Programming Languages, Virtual Environments, Program Monitoring and Visualization.
Office: Cramer 230B
Email: jeffery@cs.nmt.edu
Subhasish Mazumdar Subhasish Mazumdar : Associate Professor
Constraints on Distributed Databases, Mobile Databases, Document Databases, Integrating Heterogeneous Databases.
Office: Cramer 210B
Email: mazumdar@cs.nmt.edu
Dongwan Shin Dongwan Shin : Associate Professor
Cybersecurity, System Security, Usable Security, Software Engineering/Security.
Office: Cramer 231B
Email: doshin@cs.nmt.edu
Jun Zheng Jun Zheng : Associate Professor
Wireless networking, Mobile computing, Performance evaluation, Network security, Computer architecture, Fault-tolerant computing, Image processing.
Office: Cramer 211
Email: jun.zheng@nmt.edu
Ramyaa Ramyaa : Assistant Professor
Theory and Logic (Implicit Computational Complexity, Complexity Theory, Emerging Computational Models); Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning).
Office: Cramer 218
Email: ramyaa@cs.nmt.edu

Teaching Faculty

amy Amy Knowles
Introduction to CS/IT, Introduction to Programming in Python, High Performance Computing.
Office: Cramer 231A
Email: amyk@cs.nmt.edu
Rita Kuo
Introduction to CS/IT, Introduction to Programming Python, Internet and Web Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Human Computer Interaction.
Office: Cramer 226
Email: rita@cs.nmt.edu
Jizhou Tong Jizhou Tong
Algorithms & Data Structures, Computer Organization, Operating Systems
Office: Cramer 210
Email: jizhou.tong@nmt.edu

Adjunct Professors

Horst Clausen Horst Clausen
Software Construction, Internet via Satellite, Multimedia/Internet Technologies, Embedded Systems.Email: clausen@cs.nmt.edu
Peter Anselmo Peter Anselmo
Strategic Management, Decision Theory, Risk Analysis.Email: anselmo@nmt.edu
Robert Hepler Robert V. Hepler
Team Management, Systems Development, Internal Administrative and Business Systems Development, Field Technology Deployment and Assessment, Strategic Planning, Project Management.
Srinivas Mukkamala Srinivas Mukkamala
Information Assurance, Digital Forensics, Knowledge Mining, Applied Soft Computing Techniques, Bioinformatics, Information and Network Security Practices.Email: srinivas@cs.nmt.edu

Emeritus Professors

Allan Stavely Allan Stavely
Formal Methods in Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Computational Logic.Email: al@nmt.edu
Andrew Sung Andrew Sung
Computational Intelligence, Information Security, Bioinformatics.Email: sung@cs.nmt.edu