Tenure-track and Tenured Faculty

Hamdy Soliman : Professor
Computer Network Security, Wireless/Mobile Security, Sensor Network Security, Neural Networks, Image Compression.
Office: Cramer 211C (inside 214)
Email: hss@cs.nmt.edu
Lorie Liebrock : Professor
Parallel Processing, High Performance Computing, Well Posedness Analysis, Software Security Testing, Graphics and Visualization Information Security.
Office: Cramer 132A
Email: lorie.liebrock@nmt.edu
Clinton Jeffery : Professor and Chair
Programming Languages, Virtual Environments, Program Monitoring and Visualization.
Office: Cramer 230B
Email: jeffery@cs.nmt.edu
Subhasish Mazumdar : Associate Professor
Constraints on Distributed Databases, Mobile Databases, Document Databases, Integrating Heterogeneous Databases.
Office: Cramer 210B
Email: mazumdar@cs.nmt.edu
Dongwan Shin : Professor
Cybersecurity, System Security, Usable Security, Software Engineering/Security.
Office: Cramer 231B
Email: doshin@cs.nmt.edu
Jun Zheng : Professor
Wireless networking, Mobile computing, Performance evaluation, Network security, Computer architecture, Fault-tolerant computing, Image processing.
Office: Cramer 211
Email: jun.zheng@nmt.edu
Ramyaa : Associate Professor
Theory and Logic (Implicit Computational Complexity, Complexity Theory, Emerging Computational Models); Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning).
Office: Cramer 218
Email: ramyaa@cs.nmt.edu

Teaching Faculty

Amy Knowles
Introduction to CS/IT, Introduction to Programming in Python, High Performance Computing.
Office: Cramer 231A
Email: amy.knowles@nmt.edu
Sana’a Algaraibeh
Introduction to CS/IT, Object Oriented Programming, Introduction to programming.
Office: Cramer 226
Email: sanaa.algaraibeh@nmt.edu
John Goettsche
Intro to programming using python, Algorithms and Data Structures, Systems Programming
Office: Cramer 225
Email: john.goettsche@nmt.edu

Adjunct Professors

Horst Clausen
Software Construction, Internet via Satellite, Multimedia/Internet Technologies, Embedded Systems.
Email: clausen@cs.nmt.edu
Peter Anselmo
Strategic Management, Decision Theory, Risk Analysis.
Email: anselmo@nmt.edu
Robert V. Hepler
Team Management, Systems Development, Internal Administrative and Business Systems Development, Field Technology Deployment and Assessment, Strategic Planning, Project Management.
Email: robert.hepler@nmt.edu
Srinivas Mukkamala
Information Assurance, Digital Forensics, Knowledge Mining, Applied Soft Computing Techniques, Bioinformatics, Information and Network Security Practices.
Email: srinivas@cs.nmt.edu

Emeritus Professors

Allan Stavely
Formal Methods in Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Computational Logic.
Email: al@nmt.edu
Andrew Sung
Computational Intelligence, Information Security, Bioinformatics.Email: