Clinton L. Jeffery

Professor and Chair

B.S. in Computer Science (1987), University of Washington
M.S. in Computer Science (1989), University of Arizona
Ph.D. in Computer Science (1993), University of Arizona

Contact Information


Areas of Interest

  • programming languages, such as Unicon and Godiva
  • program execution monitoring and automatic debugging, using for example Alamo or UFO. Some of this work was done in the UDB debugger; a talk was presented at Oracle Labs
  • collaborative virtual environments, such as CVE, and related MMO-style games
  • program visualization; animations of dynamic program behavior

Representative Publications (full CV)

Clinton L. Jeffery (2021). Build Your Own Programming Language, Packt, Birmingham UK, 2021.

Clinton L. Jeffery (2019). "The City Metaphor in Software Visualization", in WSCG19, the 27th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision, Pilsen.

Ziad Al-Sharif, Clinton Jeffery, and Mahmoud Said (2017). "The Use of Dynamic Temporal Assertions for Debugging", in Embedded Software Verification and Debugging, Markus Winterholer and Djones Lettnin, eds., Springer, 2017, pp. 47-66.

Minh Ngoc Dinh, Chao Jin, David Abramson, and Clinton L. Jeffery (2016). "Runtime Verification of Scientific Computing: Towards an Extreme Scale", 5th Workshop on Extreme-Scale Programming Tools, at SC16, Salt Lake City, Nov. 13.

Peter Mills and Clinton Jeffery (2016). "Embedding Goal-Directed Evaluation through Transformation", ACM Symposium on Applied Computing Object-Oriented Programming Systems track, SAC 2016, Pisa, Italy, April 4-8.

Clinton Jeffery, Phillip Thomas, Sudarshan Gaikaiwari, and John Goettsche (2016). "Integrating Regular Expressions and SNOBOL Patterns into String Scanning: a Unifying Approach", ACM Symposium on Applied Computing Programming Languages Track, SAC 2016, Pisa, Italy, April 4-8.

Clinton Jeffery and Jafar Al Gharaibeh (2015). Writing Virtual Environments for Software Visualization, Springer New York, 2015.

Jafar Al Gharaibeh, Clinton Jeffery, and Kostas Oikonomou. "An Hybrid Model for Very High Level Threads", in ACM Workshop on Programming Models and Applications for Multicores and Manycores (PMAM 2012), New Orleans, February 25-29, 2012.

Clinton Jeffery (2003). "Generating LR Syntax Error Messages from Examples", ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems. vol 25(5), pp. 631-640, September 2003.

Ralph E. Griswold, Clinton L. Jeffery, and Gregg M. Townsend (1998). Graphics Programming in Icon, Peer-to-Peer Communications, 504pp.

Professional Service

General chair
ACM Symposium on Automated and Analysis-Driven Debugging, AADEBUG 2005
New Application Areas in Open Source Software, mini-track at HICSS 2010; Open Movements: FLOSS, Open Contents, Open Access and Open Communities, mini-track at HICSS 2011-14.
Program committee member
AADEBUG 2003, I-SPAN 2005, ICESS-05, ACM SAC (Programming Languages Track) 2005, ICSOFT 2009, SERA 2009-10, WebET 2014, AMECSE 2014-17, SEKE 2008-18, ACM SAC 2017-18, ICICS 2018
Journal of Parallel Computing, ACM SIGPLAN PLDI, U.S. NSF Panel, ACM PPDP, ACM CHI, ACM CHI Student Design Competition, IEEE FIE, NDT, U.S. NTIA Broadband Technology Opportunity program, Scientia Iranica, Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting.
ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition, Northwest Region
Campus Liaison
USENIX Association

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