CS 585: Graduate Seminar

Fall 2022

Caveat: everything here is subject to change. Well, except the past.

8/29/22 Bill Luo, NMT ABODE-Net: An Attention-based Deep Learning Model for Non-invasive Building Occupancy Detection Using Smart Meter Data
9/12/22 Daniel Conte De Leon, UIdaho Murphy's Law and What Engineers Can and Should Do About It
Ruobin Qi, NMT A Novel Unsupervised Data-Driven Method for Electricity Theft Detection in AMI Using Observer Meters
9/26/22 Dan DeBlasio, UTEP Building an Automated Scientist: Three stories of how to accelerate scientific discovery
Nathan Goulding-Hotta, Meta How to Survive Life After Tech: Career advice from a former Techie
10/3/22 John Shovic, UIdaho Vandal Robotics: Coming Your Way
10/10/22 Kathi Fisler, Brown In Defense of Little Code
Mark Albert, UNT Utilizing deep learning to create tailored summary outcome metrics for clinical population
Ziad Al Sharif, JUST The Use of Memory Forensics in Digital Investigations
10/31/22 Bart Van Bloemen Waanders,
Sandia National Lab
Model Discrepancy Sensitivities to Enable Decision-Making
Joshua Reynolds, NMSU Equivocal URLs: Understanding the Fragmented Space of URL Parser Implementations
11/7/22 Keith Jeffery,
Dreamworks Animation
Path Tracing
11/14/22 Eliane Wiese Beyond Passing Test Cases: How can code structure choices reveal CS students' understanding?
11/28/22 Srinivas Mukkamala,
AI Bias in Cyber Security: A Tale of Haves and Have Nots Predicting Vulnerability Weaponization
12/5/22 Marcel Fallet, NSA The Lifecycle of HPC

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