Teaching Assistant and Coordinator

  • WISE04 (Workshop on Information Security Education)
    Topics of CNSS 4011 National Training Standard for Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals.

  • CS 589, Advance Information Security Concepts (2003, 2004)
    Recent advances in the theory and practice of information security and cyber security, DES encryption, cryptography, Intrusion detection and prevention, Firewalls, Stegonagraphy, malware detection. Course includes lectures by instructor, discussions of research papers, and student presentations of papers and projects.

  • CS 589, Information Assurance (2002, 2003)
    Defense and offensive information warfare. Information system security. Computer break-ins, hacking, and other attack methods. Vulnerability and risk analysis. Theory and applications of cryptography. Intrusion detection and incident response. Security planning and management.

  • CS 589, Digital Forensics (2004)
    Introduction of digital forensics, Legal issues regarding seizure and chain of custody, Technical issues in acquiring computer evidence, Examination of popular file systems, Reporting issues in the legal system, Invited lectures from forensics practitioners/experts, Assignments, and case studies.

  • CS 589 Soft Computing (2002 to 2004)
    Artificial neural networks, with emphasis on multiplayer feedback networks, self organizing networks, and Hopfield-style networks. Learning algorithms. Introduction to fuzzy systems and evolutionary computing. Engineering applications of soft computing.

PhD Students Committee

  • Dennis XU (2005) Behavior Mining Based Anomaly Detection For Online Security Enhancement. (Graduated Fall 2005)

  • Anthonius Irianto Sulaiman (2005-present) Malicious Software: Classifications, Detection Algorithms, Escape Methods, and Analysis

  • Chicago Student

Master Students Committee

  • Wieland Feierabend (2005) Location-Based Querying on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks. (Graduated Fall 2005)

  • Sayi Jwala Prasad Yendrapalli (2005) Advanced Data Reporting Using Hyperion Designer. (Graduated Fall 2005)

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