Dr. Hamdy Soliman

Professor Soliman is serving NMT science 1989,Teaching and Researching. He Chaired the Department for two years (1994-1996), and as the Graduate Advisor for 18 years (1989-2006). Chaired and active member in many School committees, e.g., tenure promotion, professorship promotion, HLC/ABET, assessment/accreditation, advising, VPAA search. He is the coordinator of the Sensor Networks and Cyber Security Labs. He is the author of 6 US patent, 20+ Journal and 50+ conference paper.

Scientific and Engineering Achievements

  • Introduced a new Task-flow machine architecture, based on the known data-driven philosophy, in order to alleviate the data-flow systems performance. (Successful simulation results are published in peer reviewed conference proceedings, and work was supported by the Sandia National Labs grants.
  • Introduce a new hybrid neural network model as an image compression engine that competes with the well known state-of-the-art Wavelet technology. (Successful results are peer reviewed and published in the Soft Computing journal and IEEE conference proceedings, and the model is patented with the USA patent office; comparison results are also posted at: www.cs.nmt.edu/~hss/dc.htm
  • Investigating the routing and admission control to manage connection requests over all-fiber-optics networks. (Successful results are published in peer reviewed IEEE/ACM conference proceedings.)
  • Introduced a new wireless security protocol with novel encryption mechanism that exceeds the performance of the government standard algorithm (AES), ten machine code instructions per byte and resilient to super-user insider attack. It is considered at the core of a peer wireless security protocol to the CCMP US standard. (Successful results are peer reviewed and published in the journal of Network Security and ACM/IEEE conference proceedings, and four patents with the USA patent office). Funds from the New Mexico Tech Foundation office are currently provided (2012-2013) to develop the commercialization of three of my security patents issued by the US Patent office.
  • Investigating the essential deployment of the limited resources wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in many future applications, focusing on the security and routing issues, while utilizing newly developed efficient security and routing algorithms. A prototype WSN model will be built and tested at New Mexico Tech. The investigation of the prototype WSN model is supported by NSF grant for three years, $160,00, to developed a sensor network lab where we carry out field experimentation to design a Smart Asynchronous Event Detection Wireless Sensor Network which might be used in many critical applications, e.g., forest-fire, boarder intrusion, tsunami, earth-quack, etc early detection systems)2012.
  • Designing a smart Cloud Computing Manager that overlooks all activities of the system and provide an early warning for any anomalies based on the history of operations utilizing appropriate Neural/fussy systems models. Obtained a NASA $25,000 grant developing an experimental pilot model for validation of large scale manager future research.
  • Introduced dynamic genericity in imperative domain languages (Ada like languages). The powerful generation of data structure is done via function calls, which guarantees the generation of the most sophisticated (e.g., stack of queues of stacks of lists of ... of integers/reals/complex...) at runtime. (work is published in peer reviewed conferences)
  • Participated in the development of Arabic language search engine for different. We are trying to construct a corpus that enriches the current search engines to cope with different Arabic dialects in the Arabic native speaking countries. Our goal is to enhance the accuracy/speed of the query search and retrieval compared to the currently used search engines. Security applications would be at the top of the list. (Results are published at Information Processing & Management journal).


  • 2007

    Professor  (2007-Present)

    Currently he is serving as Professor science 2007

  • 2006

    Associate Chair for Research and Graduate Affairs

    From 2006 - 2009 he served as Associate Chair for Research and Graduate Affairs.
  • 2002

    Associate Professor

    Started Working as Associate Professor at Information Technology, from 2002-2007

  • 1998

    Graduate Advisor

    Graduate Advisor of the CS department, 1998-2006.
  • 1997

    Visiting Associate Professor

    Visiting Associate Professor at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals; Computer Engineering Department; 1997-98 (on Sabbatical from New Mexico Tech).
  • 1996

    Associate Professor

    Started Working as Associate Professor, from August, 1996 to August 2007

  • 1994

    Chairman of the Computer Science Department

    From 1994 to 1996 he served as Chairman of the Computer Science Department.
  • 1990

    Assistant Professor

    Started Working as Assistant Professor, from August, 1990 to August 1996

  • 1990

    Graduate Advisor

    Served as Graduate Advisor of the CS department, from August, 1990 to August 1994

  • 1989

    Visiting Assistant Professor

    Working as Visiting Assistant Professor, from August, 1989 to May 1990

  • 1989

    Ph.D., Computer Science

    Completed Ph.D., Computer Science from New Mexico State University

  • 1983

    M. Sc., Computer Science

    Completed M. Sc., Computer Science from Florida Institute of Technology University

  • 1978

    Computer Communication Engineer

    Government Computer Center, Ministry of Planning, Kuwait Computer Communication Engineer, 1978 - 1981.

  • 1978

    B. Sc., Computer Science

    Completed B. Sc., Computer Science from Alexandria University